Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fav Blue Jays EVER........... Hello World Wide Web'ers ......I am coming to you from Toronto, Canada and as such I was certainly raised as a Toronto Blue Jays fan.....this blog is to sum up my fav Jays of all time (one for all 9 positions)

FIRST BASE.....Carlos Delgado

Blue Jays player from 1993 - 2004 ........1993 world series ring.........originally a catcher who converted to a first baseman.........2000 and 2003 All-Star...........
4 HR's in 1 game vs Tampa Bay in 2003..........MONSTER year in 2003 with 42 HR's - 145 RBI's - 2nd in MVP voting that year

SECOND BASE.......THE Roberto Alomar

Dec 5, 1990 the Jays trade Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez to the San Diego Padres for Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar

1992 HR off Denis Eckersly in the American League Championship Series is my fav Blue Jays moment ever (pic on the left is his reaction to that HR).......without it do the Jays even win either the 1992 or 1993 World Series?!?!

  • his defense was the most amazing sports display I have ever seen.....the fact that it was so good for so long really impressed the hell out of me

SHORT STOP......Manny Lee

1985 Manny Lee and Lou Thorton jr moved into and lived in our building.....I became close with both of them and they always had time for me......for several years before that, and certainly several years after that, my family vacations were always in Dunedin to visit my GrandParents and to visit the Jays during Spring Training......Manny always got me into the clubhouse where to this day I have great memories of hanging with Manny, Rob Ducey, Fred McGriff etc....

  • part of the 1992 World Series Champions

THIRD BASE......Scott Rolen (2008 and most of 2009)

although only a Jay for a short period of time his defense at third was something else......as good as I have ever seen at the hot corner

CATCHER......Randy Knorr

Knorr was a big guy.....back up catcher for the 1991,1992,1993 AL East Champion Blue Jays......Randy has 2 World Series rings as part of the `92 and `93 Jays World Series wins

  • I always liked Randy for some reason....part of it was when he hit HR`s they were usually BOMBS

HONERABLE MENTION to Buck Martinez......the double play he helped pull off despite BREAKING HIS LEG mid-play vs Seattle in 1985 is one of the all-time great Jays replays and memories..... On a single to right-field by Gorman Thomas, Phil Bradley tried to score and he collided with Buck (pictured), who held on to the ball but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle. Martinez still was able to see the original batter (Stormin' Gorman Thomas) running from 2nd base to 3rd base and he tried to throw him out, only to have the ball sail into left field. (Heck, he did have a broken leg suffered and dislocated ankle from all of 10 seconds ago!). George Bell was backing up third base during the play and his throw back to home plate was straight and true, and hit the stationary Martinez target. As Martinez caughtthe ball he tagged out Thomas for the only 9-2-7-2 Double Play in MLB history.

LEFT FIELD......George Bell
  • my favorite postion player ever
  • one of many finds by scout Epy Guerrero
  • 1987 American League MVP
  • 1988 3 HR`s off Brett Saberhagen on opening day in Kansas City
  • May 28,1989 as I watched on tv the final game ever at Exhibition Stadium at my Aunt`s house with my GrandFather and Cousin David (both also huge Bell fans) George Bell hits a game-winning walk-off HR vs White Sox closer Bobby Thigpen

RIGHT FIELD........Frank Catalanotto

  • below average defensively but the Cat was one of my fav number 2 hitters ever.....usually hitting behind Reed Johnson and in front of Vernon Wells and Carlos Delgado.....I always expected the Cat to move Johnson along the bases and set the table for Wells and Delgado

CENTER FIELD......................Devon White

Acquired from the then California Angels for Junior Felix and Luis Sojo

.270 regular season avg but a .336 avg in the Play-Offs

5 Gold Gloves

His catch of David Justice`s 2RBI double/triple bid in the 1992 World Series (pîctured above) which led to the 2nd ever Triple-Play in World Series history is an amazing highlight (okay yes the 3rd out was never recorded despite Kelly Gruber applying the tag to Deion Sanders as the UMP missed that call.....and as early as the very next day that umpire, Bob Davidson, admitted he had seen a replay and he did miss the call....to the right is a pic of him calling Deion SAFE....inaccurately!)

PITCHER.......Roy DOC Hallady

Would you believe his 2000 e.r.a. of 10.64 is the highest single-season e.r.a. in MLB history?!?!

in 2001 he was demoted from MLB to Single A where Mel Queen worked with Doc to re-vamp his mechanics and release point and the results were magnificient, and continue to be

  • 6 time All-Star representing the Jays
  • 2003 Cy Young Award winner
  • 49 Complete Games
  • one of the best on-field, and classiest off-field athletes in the history of this city