Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL Week 6-7

Week 6

Branch & Brady...re-united and it feels so good
Good news for Pats fans - they win...bad news for Pats fans - so do the Jets, and the Jets W came on the road vs a Conference opponent which is a big win...The Jets go to 5-1, 3-0 on the road, and continue to look like the AFC rep in this years Super Bowl...The Pats go to 8-0 in games following a Bye-Week...the New England victory also further highlighted the monster mistake that WR Deion Branch made when he forced his way out of New England to go to Seattle in 2006...as a Seahawk he had three 100+ yard games in 54 games, but gets 98 yards and the TD in his return to Foxborough...Tom Terrific won at home for the 23rd straight time...he also has an 18 game home winning streak in the books...guy is good

GREAT week for Bills fans as they did not lose...

The San Diego SuperChargers continue to struggle...2-4 overall for a team with the most talent in the Conference...in the NFC the Cowboys have the most talent in the NFL but they continue to beat themselves...moral of these stories is if you have a Super Bowl caliber team then don't have a doofus like Norv Turner or Wade Phillips as your Head Coach

The Saints discover a running game!  RB Chris Ivory ran hard all day and amassed 158 yards in a romp over the Bucs...on the flip side the running game in ChiTown continues to be non-existent

49ers win...GM Jed York predicts they will win the Division and then the team gets their initial W of the season...their opponent, the Raiders, had their QB Jason Campbell have the worst day for a Raider QB in over 30 years

BIG comeback W for the Texans...the Colts and Titans both win to go to 4-2 and both of their wins came on the road so the Houston comeback at home vs KC in Week 6 was B I G to keep pace at 4-2 also

For the 24th straight time the Detroit Lions lose on the road

Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi KO'd by James Harrison

Week 6 was marred by numerous too-violent hits, several of which earned fines from the NFL...the League Officials spent the last few days letting it be known that violent head shots would draw lofty fines, and likely suspensions going forward...and of course these overpaid moron athletes with their sense of entitlement that comes from being told how special they are from a young age etc led them to make beyond ridiculous comments...James Harrison wants to retire as he does not think he can play the game without putting his, and his opponents quality of life at risk?!?!  Then hey James - GO AWAY...hey Ray Lewis, Channing Crowder, Scott Fulita et all GET LOST...several players made ignorant comments, and if they feel that we as fans tune in each week to watch the type of violence that is quality-of-life threatening then think again idiots...even Rodney Harrison, who made a career as a killer, was disgusted with the hits he saw in Week 6 and said that he is glad he is retired as a result...he also said that suspensions were the only chance to curb the violence which I agree with...

Week 7

Cincinnati @ Atlanta...the 2-3 Bengals come off a Bye Week and have a tough road game on their hands, but a game they must win...with Baltimore and Pitt already multiple games ahead of Cincy a loss to drop them to 2-4 would be season ending

St Louis @ Tampa Bay...a Rams W puts them at 4-3...a TB win puts the Bucs at 4-2...either way the winner of this game is well ahead of projections...

Arizona @ Seattle...the winner of this game goes to 4-2...ahead of projections

New England @ San Diego...big game...the Pats won their first post-Moss game, but that was at home against a tired Ravens squad...can they go cross country to get a W vs a desperate Chargers team in week 7?...A San Diego loss would bury them at 2-5...SD is 2-0 at home

The Sunday Night game and the Monday Night game have story lines that write themselves...

Brett Favre returns to Green Bay

Minnesota @ Green Bay...Brett Favre returns to the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field...the loser will have a 4th L already and be buried in the standings...the Pack try to rebound from a home loss to the Dolphins last week, while the Vikes try to get a 2nd straight W in hopes of resurrecting their season

New York Giants @ Dallas...PRIMO opportunity for the G-Men...a chance to knock out hated Division rival Cowboys in only week 7...a New York win would have the Giants at 5-2 and on a 4 game winning streak, while a Dallas loss would have them reeling at 1-5