Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am thankful for...

Happy US Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border...in the spirit of giving thanks let's look at some sports-related items I am thankful for lately...

Lakers win...Lakers win...theeee Lakers win

Topping the list is I am thankful to be a Lakers fan...3-time defending Western Conference champs...2-time defending NBA champs...the type of organization that "measures success by Championships" according to my hero Earvin Magic Johnson...when your other fav teams are the Dolphins and Jays then you really appreciate a team that wins and is committed to winning like the Lakers

Speaking of the Jays...I am thankful that Paul Beeston has agreed to stick around and run the franchise...his fingerprints are all over the 1992-1993 World Series winning teams and the fact that he once again is at the top of the organization is cause for optimism...

As a sports fan I am thankful that as we speak the Miami Hate are a pedestrian 8-7...I am glad to see that just assembling a few players with massive talent does not equal huge success...at least not right away anyway...I am thankful that the whole idea of building a team through building a foundation and culture is still the blueprint for success

I am thankful that with all the assholes in sports we still have Sydney Crosby...Tom Brady...Peyton Manning...Albert Pujols...Doc Halladay...Tim Duncan...Steve Nash...Big Papi...to show the youth how to act on and off the field (Derek Jeter would normally be on this list but he is currently taking a huge gamble with his rep as he is actually making the Yankees look like the good guys in this latest contract negotiation)

Jim Joyce wipes the tears

I am thankful that I saw the essence of sportsmanship rekindled in the wake of the Jim Joyce blown call at first base on what would have been the final out of Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga...usually umps have an attitude that they are beyond reproach but Joyce (the umpire) went out of his way to acknowledge his mistake and to apologize to Galarraga after the game...the way these 2 handled the situation was inspiring...the next day Joyce rotated from 1st base ump to home plate umpire and he was showered with a standing ovation as he stood at home plate before the game to accept the line-up cards from the coaches...his eyes filled with tears as he was overcome with emotion (pictured left)...his human error the day before that cost the Tigers pitcher, Tigers organization, and Tigers fans a piece of history was all forgiven as sportsmanship trumped the blown call and inspired a lot of people...very cool scene in Motown

I am thankful that the NFL is talking about an 18 game schedule...I am thankful MLB is considering adding more teams to the playoffs...I am thankful that the NCAA March Madness pool is up to 68 teams this season...possibly more to come there too...the more teams = the more chances for the type of special upsets that only this tourney can provide

I am thankful that Allen Iverson had to go to Turkey to resume his basketball career...life lesson there kids - if you spend your entire career putting you ahead of the team then no matter what your talent level is your act will wear thin...truth is AI would have been a great fit in Boston, LA, and really perfect for Miami but he showed time and time again that he was the only person on his mind...

I am thankful for the NFL rule change to protect hits to the head...the comments from the Defensive players in the League when the changes happened were ignorant and appalling...the idea that we as fans tune in to see that level of violence is absurd...we tune in to watch football, not countless close-ups of unconscious players who have to be carted off the field while strapped to a board to go and run tests to see if their quality of life has been forever altered...disgusting

I am sooooo thankful for the new NBA rule that allows referees to levy a Technical Foul against a player who is in any way over-the-top with any antics when disagreeing with a foul call...there are 450+ players in the NBA and none of them have ever committed a foul a day in their life...at least that is the way they act after any call...the histrionics were embarrassing and really were taking away from the integrity of the game so good for you NBA

I am thankful that for whatever reason you decided to spend 5 minutes with me today reading my blog :)...as always I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope we can interact again soon...