Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 1 thoughts...Week 2 thoughts...

What was confirmed in week one...

Much like past teams, the 2010 Jets, Ravens, and Steelers will still put their ticks in the WIN column by leaning on a stifling defensive attack...

With the loss of long time coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd the Colts will need some time to adjust, and as a result their streak of 7 straight 12+ win seasons is surely in jeopardy...

Kansas City is back on the map as a tough tough place to play...

If you are playing the Patriots in Foxbourough you had better bring your A+ offense - your 30+ points with no turnovers kind of offence...Wes Welker missed several games in 2009 and still led the League in catches...Randy Moss is in a contract year so we know he is focused and motivated...Tom Terrific has never thrown a regular season INT in the Red Zone at home in his career...when he gets near the end zone he racks up points, especially at home...

In order for Arizona to win a 3rd straight NFC West Title we know that WR Larry Fitzgerald will have to be huge...he gets the game winning TD in week one which counts as a great start...he is just starting to develop a chemistry with new QB Derek Anderson

Tennessee is on a 9-2 run since giving the starting QB job back to Vince Young

What was interesting in week one...

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster picked up on the momentum he had when he got a lot of carries in the last 2 games of 2009...he starts 2010 with an amazing 231 yards with 3 TD's to beat the Colts      

Giants QB Eli Manning and WR Hakeem Nicks continued to develop their chemistry to the tune of 3 TD's

11 games finished with the final margin of victory at 7 points or less - most ever in the NFL

The Broncos trade for Patriots RB Laurence Maroney...what about #1 round draft pick from 2009 Knowshon Moreno?  And how do the Pats figure they have any talent/depth at that position to trade any RB?!?!

New York Jets lose DT and anchor Kris Jenkins for the year

Green Bay loses RB Ryan Grant for the year

Philly likely loses QB Kevin Kolb for a bit with a concussion

What will have to improve from week one...

  • Falcons RB Michael Turner 42 yards
  • Jets convert just 1 Third Down
  • Bills RB C.J. Spiller 7 carries for 6 yards
  • Packer QB Aaron Rodgers was sacked 3 times...he was dropped 50 times last season and this is a major area of concern that needs improvement for the Pack
  • the wording of the NFL rule that defines what a catch is needs to be adjusted to take out the words End Zone...did anyone see the Calvin Johnson End Zone catch vs Da Bears at the end of the game and not think that was a TD?!?!  I have been all over this rule for a while now and this was a great example of why the rule needs tweaking...if a ball carrier breaks the plane the play is over in that instant and it is a TD, but a player trying to make a catch in the End Zone has to do a lot more to have it be an official TD

Week 2

New England at New York Jets
A HUGE game...with all the press that the J-E-T-S JETSJETSJETS got this summer it would be a disaster to lose this game...that would put the Pats at 2-0 (1-0 in the Division and 2-0 in the AFC) and the Jets at 0-2 (0-1 in the Division and 0-2 in the AFC) which would put the Jets behind the 8-ball as far as tie-breaking scenarios go...not to mention a loss would put the Jets at 0-2 in their new home stadium...

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Cincy went 6-0 in the Division last year, and have won the last 4 games vs Baltimore in Cincy with Carson Palmer at the helm...The Ravens D looked great in week 1, but this is a different offence and the home debut for Batman and Robin (Ochocinco and Owens)...WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh makes his return to Cincinnati, this time as a Raven

Buffalo at Green Bay
I am looking at the RB's here...for Buffalo the debut of C.J. Spiller was horrible as they were unable to get him the ball in open space which would allow his speed and athleticism to dominate...for GB Brandon Jackson is the man now with the injury to Grant

Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Titans RB Chris Johnson's streak of 12 straight 100+ yard games could be in jeopardy...We know the Steelers O will struggle sans Big Ben, but the D is great and this is a classic strength vs strength

St Louis at Oakland
I mention this game because either Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford will get his first win, or new Raiders QB Jason Campbell will get his first Raiders win...for these 2 teams and their fans there is normally not a lot to get excited about, but someone will likely win this game (could I have just jinxed this?!?!  are we destined for a 3-3 tie now?!?!)

Hotlanta, Cincy, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Minny, Carolina, Denver, Oakland, San Diego, INDY, SF...all these teams lost week 1, but have their home openers in week 2 and will try to get back on track...