Thursday, September 30, 2010

NFL Week 3-4

 Week 3 thoughts

searching for answers in the Big Apple
 New York football Giants are in need of a change...Head Coach Tom Coughlin appears to have lost this team...the strategy - the execution - the discipline have all been horrible...a new home stadium, plus a great young core of WR's for Eli Manning to throw to, should make the Giants a desirable destination for someone else to take over for Coughlin

Wade Phillips post-game speech to his players further outlined how no one pays any attention to him, and again I say the 'Boys will fall well short of expectations in 2010 despite a stacked roster

KC and Chi Town are 3-0...if you are a regular reader of my blog then you knew both of these were coming...Da Bears have Lovie Smith rejuvenating the D, and Mike Martz giving the O a much needed face lift...KC gets to play in the AFC West vs the other AFC West teams (terrible teams) and in 2010 they also play the NFC West (lucky bastards..NFC West is also brutal)

Don't look now but the New Orleans Saints are the worst running team in the NFL (?)

Bills release QB Trent Edwards...you already know I think Edwards is about as bad as it gets...to replace him though with Ryan Fitzpatrick is very underwhelming...Fitzpatrick had a good debut, but it was vs a terrible Pats D...Fitzpatrick is no saviour...he is not even a legit NFL QB

Polamalu and Smith
 Pittsburgh 3-0!!!  Wow...I did not see that coming, but with the return to health of Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith the D has me believing again that the Steel Curtain is back in effect as a game-winning unit

Does your team need an upgrade at Defensive Coordinator?!?! Current Carolina Head Coach John Fox will be fired at any point now...brutal Head Coach, but great Defensive Coordinator

Breathe easy Jets fans...the panic was evident after week one, but week two and week three brought victories over Division rivals New England and Miami which puts the Jets in first place

Norv Turner continues to be the AFC version of Wade Phillips...Turner too has a ton of talent to win with, but he too is a glorified Coordinator playing the role of a Head Coach on TV

side note - A quick look at the RB's in the NFL currently...Where is Ray Rice? Where is Shonn Greene? Where is Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown? Where is DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart?  Where is Cedric Benson?  Where is Felix Jones/Marion Barber/Tashard Choice?!?!?  Where is Maurice Jones-Drew?  Where is Pierre Thomas?  Where is Brandon Jacobs?  Where is Clinton Portis?...all of the above have had s l o w starts to 2010...meanwhile Arian Foster, Darren McFadden, LeSean McCoy, and Rashard Mendenhall are all off to terrific starts...heck let's acknowledge Peyton Hillis from Cleveland and his 144 rushing yards in Week 3

Week 4 thoughts

NY Jets @ Buffalo...the sky was falling in Gotham after Week 1...since then QB Mark Sanchez has beat New England (3 TD...0 INT) and Miami (3 TD...0 INT) putting the Jets atop the AFC East...Week 4 is a chance to get a three-peat vs AFC East foes as they tangle with Toronto's own Buffalo Bills
Detroit @ Green Bay...the Lions try to snap a 22 game road losing streak (yikes)
Houston @ Oakland...either the Texans go to 3-1 or Jokeland goes to 2-2...either way the winning team is ahead of most 2010 projections

2009 teammates Vick and McNabb
Washington @ Philly...amazing story lines everywhere you look in this one...the return of QB Donovan McNabb to the City of Brotherly Love is certainly chief among them...but also the first decent (at best) challenge for Eagles QB Michael Vick (his first 2 wins came against the Jags and the Lions...everybody beats the Jags and the Lions)...first NFC East road game for Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan...sadly we know that Phat Albert Haynesworth will somehow creep into the storyline too :(
New England @ Miami...this looks like a 38-35 game to me...Pats D is bad...Dolphins D struggles to apply consistent pressure on opposing QB's...Tom Terrific and Chad Henne (both former Michigan Wolverines) should each be able to get up-and-down the field on Monday Night...to me the predictable end is Tom Brady taking his helmet off as he jogs off the field triumphantly, shaking out his increasingly growing locks, the ladies swoon, and the Pats go to 3-1...the alternate ending is a Miami victory which would put them at 3-1, and the Pats at 2-2...do we see Miami as a 3-1 team?  Doubt it...do we see the Pats as a 2-2 team?  Doubt it...
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